About us

CarHelpo is your daily source for better car gear, detailed articles, and unbiased review on all the stuff for real car enthusiasts.

On the site we offer four types of information:

  • Comparative review (A list of products compared by their technical features that are important to consider when choosing the product in the review)
  • Product review (The detailed description of a certain product on the US market that gives an answer if it worth its money)
  • Buyer’s guide (This type of article contain no technical information or comparative analysis, it only gives information about how to choose a product for your outdoor adventure)
    • Brand guide (This is not about the brand, this is about the gear manufactured by some brand and its place on the market)

    We hope you enjoy CarHelpo and appreciate your readership. And we encourage feedback and often incorporate it into the site. Feel free to contact us and connect via social media on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

    Our team

    John Rich, Co-Founder & CEO

    John is a long time lurker who always wanted to learn more. Residing in south Atlanta, John have always had “clean” cars but about 27 years ago he started to learned the real intricacies. He was a repeat offender of tunnel washes almost weekly, never knew wax needed to be reapplied, and thought that a do-it-yourself bay with a brush is a totally deep cleaning.

    Thankfully, that John is gone now. Being a 22 y.o. student he began picking up products bit by bit and learning techniques along the way and slowly becoming a true autogeek.

    Collecting enough experience throughout his years. John decided to share his enthusiasm starting his own how-to blog and review website called “CarHelpo”

    There are so many different attributes to cars, and car culture, and the relationships that cars made to culture in general, and history, that one may be “enthusiastic” about cars from in many different ways and from many different angles. There’s no true or false way, there is no such thing as a “right” enthusiast. It’s simply possible to love the experience of driving cars, without having any desire to work on them. It’s perfectly possible to love the engineering that goes into designing different cars without caring too much about how they look.

    James Wood, Editor-in-Chief & Car Geek

    James Wood

    Most car geeks belong to one side of car culture. For example, some like more modern cars with futuristic design and lots of electronics, some people prefer retro, some tends to like exotic Italian brands, and some just like to burn rubber and fuel. James turned out to be the last one type.

    Destroying dozens of tires every year, James became a true drifting pro. He can tell you everything about tires, most popular tire brands and how to look after them.

    It is something that comes from the bottom of your heart.

    You can’t wake up one day and say to yourself “Today I am going to love cars and learn everything about”.

    Stan Wilson, Engineer

    Stan Wilson

    Meet Stan, our DIY guru.

    He is a type of person who never ashamed to do something with a car with his own hands even if he doing it for the first time in his life. A pure car enthusiast would be the type to be able to work on their own car, understand things, know how to improve and modify their cars. On top of this liking many cars and it can go all the way to a hobby, job, money maker and passion. So it can be a business proposition. These people may test drive many cars and put opinions and or modify in all possible ways.